Real Talk Retention

“Prevention leads to retention”

Real Talk Retention is a 3rd party auditing service providing tailored surveys focussed around employee engagement and future training requirements.

Your employees are all talking, is it not time you joined the conversation?

We aim to engage with your staff directly allowing the project to be a completely unbiased and resourceful process. Keeping informed with the talent within your business can reduce the potential of future expense and disruption when a key staff member decides to move on.

The service also allows us to get a clear understanding of possible training requirements and how your staff may interact with their clients and what motivates them to succeed further and therefore increasing business across all levels.

Real Talk Retention is a bespoke service which is specifically designed to your needs and industry. One of our experts will meet with you and discuss all of your requirements and will create a unique audit to suit your target areas within your business.

Our surveys can be completed online, telephonically or face to face on site.

Our team will then provide a thorough analysis of the results and you will receive a detailed report of findings which we will then meet with you to discuss.

Please contact one of our retention specialists to discuss how we can assist with your on-going employee engagements 01905 691030 or

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